My wife and I are both graduates of L.I.F.E. Bible College here in La Verne, CA and have worked

as full time youth pastors for four years, worship leaders for eleven years and have been either a

pianist or organist since age eleven.  We have two boys, four grandchildren and now a great grand-

child.  We started the Signs of Excellence business in 1998. 

Our Purpose

‚Äč   The purpose of Signs of Excellence is to deliver cutting edge design, quality and impactful banners so those who read them will consider the message and be drawn to come to your next event. 

   We are not just a printing resource, but we can help with your graphics, layout and design at a very reasonable price. 

    Let us help you invite your neighborhood to your events throughout the year. 

About Signs of Excellence

Our Passion

    Our passion is for pastors and all who work for the Lord to be able to reach their communities with the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ.  To accomplish this, banners has been a great communicator.  The scripture says to "...compel them to come in."  And it means by any legal means. 

    Banners tell the community they are welcome to events such as youth camps, special ministries, Easter,  Christmas, Thanksgiving,  Fourth of July, VBS, and many other events.

    Each month presents opportunities to say something special.  For example...on Mother's Day, expressions of a mother's worth, or how God sees her love and tenderness to her family as being so very important.  This can encourage her even if she doesn't come to church yet.  

    Signs of Excellence opened in 1998 serving Southern California with signage, vehicle lettering, POP displays, as well as logos, flyers, business cards and the like.