The Lord says, "

         Go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in."  

    Commentators say to compel means any legal means available. Thoughtful banners are one way to compel your

community to come in.  Each month thousands who walk or drive by could read and take to heart your message.    

    On Mother's Day for example, your banner could read, "We Love Our Moms." Any of  the special days of the year could be used to say something meaningful to your neighbors.  Just as you prepare sermons each week, a public message to the whole community could bless them.

   With dozens of events throughout the year, weather it's Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Veteran's Day, MemorialDayJuly 4th, etc. your church property can be a center for spiritual, patriotic, and special events. 

   Let the kids know they are invited to VBS or to a Summer Camp

   The banner can be quite a "compelling" force as people read and reread it's message. 

   My encouragement to you pastors...add banners as a way of compelling your community to come in.  You may find it a very effective tool. 

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